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Whether embodying women from ages gone by or a favourite childhood character you can always be sure of one thing when Cherri Figjam takes the stage, she may not last the night.  Whether it was Cherri in Forge with the Sledgehammer or Hannibal in the Gingerbread House with the oven there are no guarantees everyone leaves the stage alive.

Now you are forewarned but don't be too alarmed Cherri will make it all better.

Click the images to view the YouTube video available for this routine.


“Industry and craftsmanship the twin edges of the Victorian blade. One driven by mechanical behemoths whose ashes block out the sun and the other by the skills handed down from father to son. But when a father runs out of sons can not a daughter work just as hard before the fires of the Forge.”

Concept – Slow and steady and classically influenced. Cherri breaks her back at the anvil and tries to cool off in the Forge.

Cherri Figjam Le Petite Scandal 2014 2.j
Suffragette at Burly Idol 2017 Start.jpg

“Once upon a time when the simple right to vote was a just fledgling dream brave women fought for this right in very public, very loud and sometimes very confronting ways. But at the end of the day they returned to their homes and for some to doting but very conflicted and embarrassed husbands.”

Concept – Fun Neo Routine. Exploring the relationship when a wife comes home from another rally.


“The stench of blood, the cries of the wounded, the burning sand that pervades everything. Life in the Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service is far from glamourous and with the sounds of battle punctuating your every movement and you never know which life saved will be your last.”

Concept – Valhalla inspired routine paying tribute to the amazing women of the RAAFNS. The combat nurse rushing about her duties as the bombs drop all too close and then the fateful accident that sees her bumping and grinding her way up to the Pearly Gates.

Cherri Figjam - Combat Nurse -locket - G
Cherri Figjam - Wicked.jpg

“Heartbreak is hard enough to endure when you are surrounded by loved ones and cocooned in the warmth of the world’s approval. But when you are different, when you are cast out from society’s embrace, when you are green… the world is just that much more bleak.”

Concept – Light Horror Burlesque. The lament of the good but misunderstood Wicked Witch in her heartbreak she can only think of the one way out but is doomed to rise again as the evil Green Fairy. (Death and Rebirth on Stage) 

(duo with Hannibal Figjam)

“It was their favourite story as youngsters but it’s a little known sequel to that one where the Old Black Forest Witch Burned up in her very own oven and this time whatever is a man to do to satisfy his sweet tooth especially when confronted with his childhood demons once more”

Concept – Fun and Dark Duo Routine. Exploration of the dynamic between the survivor and the next possible tormentor. (Witch dies in this version too)

Cherri and Hannibal as Hansel and the Witch
Cherri Figjam at Geek Out 2017.jpg

“Once upon a time marriage for love was merely an illusion, a story told to lull young debutants into a safe little romantic cocoon. The truth of a young ladies coming out into polite society was more akin to those poor babes exposed on a mountain side and left to the wolves, gorgeous gowns and swishing skirts had never before been such a hairy proposition.”

Concept – Light Horror Burlesque. Werewolf transformation on stage after being attacked off stage at the outset of the routine.


“The pride of her parents and darling of the community. But it’s all an illusion and her brothers see straight through it. No amount of eyelash bating hides her desperation to escape to see her favourite band and she’s going to shimmy down the drainpipe and straight up to the front row if it kills her.”

Concept – Fun Classically Inspired Metal Routine. The rebellious sister, the teenage groupie, living for the music and not much else.

SOC - 20-12-18 (60).jpg
(in development)

“A troubled wife is an embarrassment of the highest order but thank goodness for Doc Figjam’s Fine Gentle Massage Treatments. You too can now cure your wife of the Female Hysterical Syndromes but a warning for you fine upstanding gentlemen this is a medical technique and is not to be tried at home.”

Concept – Classic Burlesque, exploration of the repression of female sexuality and pleasure during the Victorian age.

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