Cherri Figjam was born into this world like a sword from the forge. Her fiery birth reawakened a long dormant love of storytelling and production and has seen her entice audiences with her intrepid burlesque performances and her own fabulous cabaret concoctions. As a passionate advocate for the safety and wellbeing Performing Artists, Cherri has co-founded Cherri on Top and can be found in schools speaking to the next generation of performers, holding workshops on all aspects of Performer Wellbeing or teaching classes on business skills for Artists.

With her mild obsession with all things Victoriana her burlesque will transport you back into time out of memory.  You will see the women from dawn of the industrial age or your favourite childhood story brought to life (and death) with all the charm of a Dickens novel and neatly wrapped in the grit of Shelley’s masterpiece. Once the music starts you’ll be hooked, but things are not always as they seem and as with every good story there is a moral to be teased out and a voice to be heard.







Cherri Figjam brings you history with a daring dash of steam! See the women of the industrial age brought to life with all the charm of a Dickens novel wrapped in the grit of Shelley’s masterpiece. Inspired by all things olde world and tutored by the masters of the new, you may fight, sweat and die alongside her but in the end she’ll always be the Cherri on top of a night you’ll never forget.


All her routines can be adjusted to cater for nudity free events and she is always happy to work with you to make your event extra special. 



Do you need someone to guide your audience through the festivities?  

Perhaps you just need to set the scene as your guests arrive?

Either way Cherri Figjam is

the girl for you. 

Having played hostess to events ranging from the intimate Cabaret Shows right through to corporate functions, Cherri has the breadth of  experience required to make your guests feel at ease while still being able to reign in the odd trouble maker with her wit and charm.





A nerd at heart Cherri is never more at home than when she can bury herself in dusty pages of research or when called to do the careful organisation required to put on a fabulous show.  As the brain behind Snake Oil Cabaret and Murder Mystery Cabaret Cherri prides herself on putting on wonderful shows that truly pull the audience in.  

Having dedicated herself to creating safe and nurturing spaces for artists to showcase themselves you can be sure that any show run by her is produced ethically and sustainably without ever compromising the audience experience.



It's not all glitter and spotlights and the Cherri wants to ensure that all performers have the necessary tools to not just put on ripper performances but to also run their businesses effectively while taking care of their mild mannered alter egos too.

In addition to producing her fabulous Cabaret Shows, and performing all over Australia Cherri Figjam is dedicated to helping performing artists learn to safeguard and promote their well-being allowing them to explore their art and fully realise their potential.



PO BOX 1019 Thornbury VIC 3071


© 2023 by Cherri Figjam.

Images courtesy of 3 Fates Media, Glass Cannon Media, Rachel Mia, L&L Photography,

DJ Photography, Daegal Almond Photography and D Jensen Photography.

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